International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks

Legacy Data Center Profiles

European data center profiles are maintained by ORFEUS and do not appear on this page.

IRIS Data Management Center (DMC)


1408 NE 45th St.
Ste. 201
Seattle, WA 98105

United States of America

Network Data Availability

2H_2009 4F_2007 4G_2007 AK AL AS AZ BF BK CD CI CN CS CT CZ DW EM ER G GE GR GT GY H2 HG IC ID II IL IM IU KN KZ LB LD LX MN MS NL NM NN PI PN PS RS SC SR SS TS TW UO US UU UW WY X1_2007 X1_2009 X1_2011 X1_2013 X2_2007 X2_2009 X2_2012 X2_2013 X3_2007 X3_2013 X4_2007 X4_2010 X5_2007 X5_2012 X6_2007 X6_2010 X6_2012 X6_2013 X7_2007 X7_2010 X8_2007 X8_2012 X9_2004 X9_2008 X9_2012 XA_1969 XA_1987 XA_1990 XA_1991 XA_1992 XA_1993 XA_1994 XA_1995 XA_1997 XA_2000 XA_2002 XA_2004 XA_2008 XA_2013 XB_1977 XB_1989 XB_1992 XB_1993 XB_1996 XB_1997 XB_2000 XB_2003 XB_2005 XB_2008 XB_2009 XB_2014 XB_2016 XC_1988 XC_1991 XC_1993 XC_1994 XC_1995 XC_1998 XC_2000 XC_2002 XC_2003 XC_2006 XC_2011 XC_2012 XD_1991 XD_1994 XD_1996 XD_1999 XD_2001 XD_2002 XD_2007 XD_2011 XD_2014 XE_1989 XE_1994 XE_1996 XE_1997 XE_1999 XE_2002 XE_2003 XE_2005 XE_2008 XE_2009 XE_2012 XF_1987 XF_1994 XF_1995 XF_1997 XF_2000 XF_2002 XF_2006 XF_2008 XF_2009 XF_2012 XF_2014 XG_1992 XG_1994 XG_1995 XG_1997 XG_1999 XG_2002 XG_2009 XG_2012 XG_2014 XH_1994 XH_1996 XH_1998 XH_2000 XH_2001 XH_2002 XH_2004 XH_2005 XH_2007 XH_2008 XH_2011 XH_2012 XH_2014 XI_1994 XI_1995 XI_1998 XI_2000 XI_2003 XI_2005 XI_2006 XI_2007 XI_2011 XI_2014 XJ_1994 XJ_1995 XJ_1997 XJ_1998 XJ_2000 XJ_2002 XJ_2004 XJ_2007 XJ_2008 XJ_2009 XJ_2010 XJ_2011 XJ_2012 XJ_2013 XK_1993 XK_1995 XK_1996 XK_1997 XK_1998 XK_1999 XK_2001 XK_2004 XK_2007 XK_2010 XK_2011 XK_2012 XL_1994 XL_1995 XL_1997 XL_1998 XL_1999 XL_2002 XL_2008 XL_2012 XM_1994 XM_1995 XM_1997 XM_1998 XM_1999 XM_2002 XM_2004 XM_2005 XM_2007 XM_2011 XM_2012 XN_1994 XN_1996 XN_1998 XN_2000 XN_2003 XN_2006 XN_2008 XN_2010 XN_2011 XN_2014 XO_1995 XO_1996 XO_1997 XO_2000 XO_2003 XO_2005 XO_2006 XO_2007 XO_2010 XO_2011 XP_1994 XP_1998 XP_2000 XP_2005 XP_2008 XP_2010 XP_2014 XQ_1995 XQ_2001 XQ_2003 XQ_2006 XQ_2007 XQ_2010 XQ_2011 XQ_2012 XR_1994 XR_1997 XR_2001 XR_2003 XR_2004 XR_2008 XR_2012 XS_1996 XS_1998 XS_1999 XS_2002 XS_2003 XS_2004 XS_2005 XS_2006 XS_2010 XS_2012 XT_1994 XT_1997 XT_1999 XT_2001 XT_2003 XT_2006 XT_2009 XT_2010 XT_2011 XT_2014 XU_1996 XU_1999 XU_2001 XU_2002 XU_2003 XU_2005 XU_2006 XU_2013 XU_2014 XV_1997 XV_1999 XV_2001 XV_2003 XV_2007 XV_2009 XV_2011 XV_2014 XW_1997 XW_2003 XW_2007 XW_2009 XW_2012 XW_2013 XY_1997 XY_1999 XY_2003 XY_2004 XY_2005 XY_2007 XY_2010 XY_2011 XY_2013 XZ_1993 XZ_1999 XZ_2001 XZ_2003 XZ_2005 XZ_2013 XZ_2014 Y1_2007 Y1_2010 Y1_2013 Y2_2007 Y2_2013 Y3_2007 Y3_2008 Y3_2009 Y3_2012 Y3_2013 Y4_2004 Y4_2008 Y4_2010 Y4_2013 Y5_2006 Y6_2006 Y6_2013 Y7_2007 Y7_2009 Y7_2011 Y7_2013 Y8_2009 Y8_2013 Y9_2007 Y9_2009 YA_1998 YA_2001 YA_2003 YA_2005 YA_2006 YA_2008 YA_2009 YA_2012 YA_2014 YB_1996 YB_1998 YB_2000 YB_2003 YB_2004 YB_2005 YB_2010 YB_2011 YB_2013 YC_1999 YC_2000 YC_2003 YC_2004 YC_2006 YC_2011 YC_2013 YD_1999 YD_2003 YD_2007 YD_2008 YD_2009 YD_2012 YE_1999 YE_2006 YE_2007 YE_2008 YE_2010 YE_2011 YF_1999 YF_2003 YF_2004 YF_2005 YF_2006 YF_2007 YF_2009 YF_2010 YF_2012 YG_1999 YG_2005 YG_2009 YG_2010 YG_2012 YG_2013 YH_1999 YH_2004 YH_2008 YH_2010 YH_2012 YH_2014 YI_1997 YI_2003 YI_2007 YI_2008 YI_2010 YI_2011 YJ_1999 YJ_2001 YJ_2004 YJ_2007 YJ_2010 YK_2000 YK_2003 YL_2001 YL_2003 YL_2005 YL_2009 YL_2012 YL_2013 YM_2000 YM_2002 YM_2004 YM_2006 YM_2010 YM_2013 YN_1999 YN_2005 YN_2008 YN_2009 YN_2010 YO_2001 YO_2003 YO_2009 YO_2010 YO_2013 YO_2014 YP_2001 YP_2004 YP_2008 YP_2009 YP_2012 YP_2014 YQ_2001 YQ_2003 YQ_2004 YQ_2006 YQ_2009 YQ_2012 YQ_2013 YR_1999 YR_2003 YR_2004 YR_2005 YR_2008 YR_2011 YR_2013 YS_2001 YS_2004 YS_2008 YS_2009 YS_2014 YT_2001 YT_2003 YT_2004 YT_2006 YT_2007 YU_1996 YU_2003 YU_2004 YU_2006 YV_2000 YV_2004 YV_2006 YV_2010 YV_2011 YW_2000 YW_2002 YW_2005 YW_2006 YW_2007 YW_2011 YW_2013 YX_2001 YX_2003 YX_2005 YX_2008 YX_2009 YX_2010 YX_2013 YY_2003 YY_2005 YY_2008 YY_2009 YY_2012 YY_2013 YZ_2003 YZ_2004 YZ_2005 YZ_2009 Z1_2006 Z1_2009 Z1_2013 Z2_2006 Z2_2009 Z2_2013 Z3_2005 Z3_2008 Z3_2009 Z3_2010 Z4_2006 Z4_2009 Z4_2012 Z5_2005 Z5_2009 Z6_2004 Z6_2006 Z6_2009 Z6_2011 Z7_2008 Z7_2010 Z8_2009 Z8_2013 Z9_2009 Z9_2010 ZA_1992 ZA_1993 ZA_1994 ZA_1995 ZA_1996 ZA_2002 ZA_2006 ZA_2009 ZA_2011 ZA_2014 ZB_1994 ZB_1997 ZB_1998 ZB_2005 ZB_2007 ZB_2010 ZC_1995 ZC_1996 ZC_1999 ZC_2000 ZC_2001 ZC_2005 ZC_2006 ZC_2013 ZD_1996 ZD_2003 ZD_2005 ZD_2007 ZD_2010 ZD_2014 ZE_1996 ZE_1999 ZE_2002 ZE_2003 ZE_2004 ZE_2007 ZE_2010 ZE_2012 ZF_1997 ZF_1999 ZF_2002 ZF_2003 ZF_2005 ZF_2007 ZF_2012 ZG_1997 ZG_1998 ZG_1999 ZG_2003 ZG_2004 ZG_2006 ZG_2010 ZG_2013 ZH_1999 ZH_2003 ZH_2004 ZH_2006 ZH_2010 ZH_2011 ZH_2013 ZI_1999 ZI_2001 ZI_2006 ZI_2010 ZI_2011 ZJ_2003 ZJ_2005 ZJ_2006 ZJ_2011 ZJ_2012 ZK_2003 ZK_2008 ZK_2009 ZK_2012 ZK_2014 ZL_2003 ZL_2005 ZL_2007 ZL_2010 ZL_2011 ZM_2003 ZM_2005 ZM_2007 ZN_2001 ZN_2004 ZN_2006 ZN_2008 ZN_2010 ZN_2013 ZO_2002 ZO_2006 ZO_2007 ZO_2008 ZO_2010 ZO_2011 ZO_2013 ZO_2014 ZP_1999 ZP_2004 ZP_2007 ZP_2010 ZQ_2004 ZQ_2006 ZQ_2011 ZQ_2013 ZR_2000 ZR_2007 ZR_2008 ZR_2012 ZR_2013 ZS_2002 ZS_2006 ZS_2007 ZS_2009 ZS_2010 ZS_2012 ZT_2005 ZT_2008 ZU_2004 ZU_2006 ZU_2008 ZU_2009 ZU_2011 ZU_2012 ZU_2013 ZV_2001 ZV_2007 ZV_2008 ZV_2012 ZW_2004 ZW_2007 ZW_2010 ZW_2013 ZX_2005 ZX_2008 ZX_2011 ZY_1990 ZZ_2002 ZZ_2007 ZZ_2010 ZZ_2011 ZZ_2012 ZZ_2013


The IRIS Data Management Center (DMC) is located in Seattle, Washington, just off the University of Washington campus where the Earth and Space Sciences acts as the host organization. The IRIS DMC receives earthquake and seismic data from a variety of Data Centers around the world and is responsible for the long term archive and distribution of all IRIS generated data. The IRIS DMC also acts as a Data Center for the International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks (FDSN).

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