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XN (2000-2002): Parkfield Passive Seismic Array

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FDSN code XN (2000-2002) Operated by University of Wisconsin, Madison
Network name Parkfield Passive Seismic Array (PASO) Deployment region United States of America
Start year 2000 End year 2002
Short description

A temporary seismic array, known as PASO (Parkfield Area Seismic Observatory), was installed in stages, starting in July 2000. Initially, 15 PASSCAL instruments were deployed around Parkfield, CA, in stand-alone mode, with 3-component short-period sensors (1 Hz HS-10s). In October 2000, 14 of the 15 sites were converted to real-time telemetry. In June and July of 2001, the 15-station array was augmented by the installation of 44 additional PASSCAL 3-component stations within the aperture of the original array, and 2 of the original stations were moved. Most of the new sites were installed with broadband sensors (29 Guralp 40Ts and 7 Streckeisen STS-2s). (see notes section for more)

Further information in publication(s)

Thurber, C., S. Roecker, K. Roberts, M. Gold, L. Powell, and K. Rittger (2003), Earthquake locations and three-dimensional fault zone structure along the creeping section of the San Andreas Fault near Parkfield, CA: preparing for SAFOD, Geophys. Res. Lett., 30,

Thurber, C., S. Roecker, H. Zhang, S. Baher, and W. Ellsworth (2004), Fine-scale structure of the San Andreas fault and location of the SAFOD target earthquakes, Geophys. Res. Lett., 31, L12S02, doi

Citation Information

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
Clifford Thurber,  Steve Roecker (2000): Parkfield Passive Seismic Array. International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks. Dataset/Seismic Network. 10.7914/SN/XN_2000
Citation notes

Seismic array operated in support of the project San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth (SAFOD).

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