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XN (2000-2002): Parkfield Passive Seismic Array

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FDSN code XN (2000-2002) Network name Parkfield Passive Seismic Array (PASO)
Start year 2000 Operated by
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison
End year 2002 Deployment region United States of America
Short description

A temporary seismic array, known as PASO (Parkfield Area Seismic Observatory), was installed in stages, starting in July 2000. Initially, 15 PASSCAL instruments were deployed around Parkfield, CA, in stand-alone mode, with 3-component short-period sensors (1 Hz HS-10s). In October 2000, 14 of the 15 sites were converted to real-time telemetry. In June and July of 2001, the 15-station array was augmented by the installation of 44 additional PASSCAL 3-component stations within the aperture of the original array, and 2 of the original stations were moved. Most of the new sites were installed with broadband sensors (29 Guralp 40Ts and 7 Streckeisen STS-2s). (see notes section for more)

Further information in publication(s)

Thurber, C., S. Roecker, K. Roberts, M. Gold, L. Powell, and K. Rittger (2003), Earthquake locations and three-dimensional fault zone structure along the creeping section of the San Andreas Fault near Parkfield, CA: preparing for SAFOD, Geophys. Res. Lett., 30,

Thurber, C., S. Roecker, H. Zhang, S. Baher, and W. Ellsworth (2004), Fine-scale structure of the San Andreas fault and location of the SAFOD target earthquakes, Geophys. Res. Lett., 31, L12S02, doi

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Seismic array operated in support of the project San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth (SAFOD).

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