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XB (2005-2007): Broadband Seismic Investigation of the Cameroon Volcanic Line

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FDSN code XB (2005-2007) Operated by
Network name Broadband Seismic Investigation of the Cameroon Volcanic Line (Cameroon Volcanic Line) Deployment region
Start year 2005 End year 2007
Short description

The Cameroon experiment will evaluate models for the origin of volcanic lines without age progression (hot lines) by examining the seismic structure of the crust and upper mantle beneath one of the most easily accessible hot lines,the Cameroon Volcanic Line (CVL). Using data from a 21-month passive-source broadband seismic experiment in Cameroon, we will image crustal and upper mantle seismic anomalies associated with the CVL using a number of proven modeling techniques, including body and surface wave tomography, receiver functions, and shear wave splitting.

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