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YT (2003-2003): MOBAL 03

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FDSN code YT (2003-2003) Operated by
Network name MOBAL 03 (MOBAL03) Deployment region France
Start year 2003 End year 2003
Short description

The 2003 MOBAL Experiment aimed at imaging the crustal and upper mantle structure from the Siberian platform in the north to the Gobi-Altay range in the south, in order to provide geodynamic constraints to deep lithosphere and asthenosphere velocities and deformations, and their relations to the Siberian craton, the Baikal rift, the Hangay dome and the large scale strike-slip faults of Sayan, Bolnay and Bogd. Several observations suggest a hot upper mantle beneath central Mongolia likely associated to a lithosphere thinning, that may also explain the anomalous elevation associated to the Hangay dome. The MOBAL experiment was followed by an aftershock sequence observation after the 2003 Chuya earthaquake.

Citation Information

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
Deschamps, A., Deverchère, J., Mordvinova, V., Dugarma, T., & RESIF-SISMOB Mobile Antenna. (2010). MOBAL Mongolia-Baikal transect (RESIF-SISMOB). RESIF - Réseau Sismologique et géodésique Français.

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