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YF (1999-2002): Midsea - Mantle Investigation of the Deep Suture between Eurasia and Africa

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FDSN code YF (1999-2002) Network name Midsea - Mantle Investigation of the Deep Suture between Eurasia and Africa (MIDSEA)
Start year 1999 Operated by
  • Eidgendssisch Technische Hochschule - Swiss Seismological Service (ETH), Switzerland
End year 2002 Deployment region

Four institutions decided to populate the Mediterranean region with more BB instruments in the same time period and call our collective experiments MIDSEA. ETH put out 12 stations in 5 countries, UNSA/CNRS put 6 stations in France and italy, CIW put 5 stations in the Azores, and INGV put 2 stations in Italy. Two of the ETH stations are available at Geofon (MELI) and Inst. of Catalan Studies (POBL, autodrm) data centers, respectively. The other 10 stations have been submitted to IRIS on tape. MIDSEA was expanded westwards to the Azores with the COSEA experiment via a collaboration with the Carnegie Institution of Washington's Department of Terrestrial Magnetism.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/YF_1999
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