International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks

FDSN Working Group II: Data Exchange

The Working Group on data exchange started in 1992 as a follow up to the Working Group on data collection and exchange formats. The latter was chaired by Jim Scheimer (1986-1989) and Ray Buland (1989-1992) and focused on the definition of the Standard for the Exchange of Earthquake Data (SEED) format. SEED has since been accepted by all major broad-band networks. After this task was completed, it was decided to enlarge the scope of the group to general data exchange issues. Since 1992 major topics have been:

  • definition of data request managers (like autodrm)
  • definition and implementation of the Networked Data Center (NetDC) concept
  • coordination of data flow for the production of FDSN CD-ROMs containing event oriented data (event criteria and production schedule for data collection)
  • coordination of quality control procedures for FDSN data
  • compilation of a station book
  • further development of SEED

Working Group II Defined Formats


Working Group II Meetings

YearLocation & MaterialsWorking Group Chair & Vice Chair
2019 Montreal, Canada John Clinton
2017 Kobe, Japan Reinoud Sleeman
2015 Prague, Czechia Reinoud Sleeman
2009 Cape Town, South Africa Bernard Dost

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