International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks

FDSN Working Group I: Station Siting and Instrumentation

Wen Tzong Liang
Vice Chair
Ludek Vecsey

The Working Group on Siting Plans was formed shortly after the founding meeting of the FDSN in 1986 and was chaired by Bob Engdahl until 2000. (Kaye Shedlock became chair in 2001.) In 1997 the scope of the working group was expanded to include issues related to instrumentation.

The goal of the working group as stated in the FDSN Terms of Reference is “coordinating the siting of additional stations in locations that will provide optimum geographical coverage”.

Areas of interest to the working group include:

  1. Maintenance of a comprehensive computer-readable inventory of existing, planned, proposed and closed broadband stations.
  2. Identification of stations that form the Federation network (a subset of stations chosen on the basis of hardware standards, noise characteristics, geographical location and operational status) for which waveform data are compiled on FDSN CD-ROMs.
  3. Issues related to instrumentation.

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2013 FDSN Network List (Excel file)

Working Group I Meetings

YearLocation & MaterialsWorking Group Chair & Vice Chair
2019 Montreal, Canada Wen Tzong Liang
Ludek Vecsey (Vice Chair)
2017 Kobe, Japan Wen Tzong Liang
2013 Gothenburg, Sweden Seiji Tsuboi
2011 Melbourne, Australia Seiji Tsuboi
2009 Cape Town, South Africa Seiji Tsuboi
2007 Perugia, Italy Seiji Tsuboi

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