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NWAO - Narrogin, Western Australia

  Information for NWAO as of February 1994
Station: Narrogin, Western Australia
Director: Peter Gregson Network Affiliation: IRIS/USGS - GSN
Observer in Charge
Australian Geological Survey
Mundaring Geophysical Observatory
Mundaring, Western Australia 6073
Network Contact:
Albuquerque Seismic Laboratory
Building 10002 Kirtland AFB East
Albuquerque, NM 87115
Telephone: 61 9 295-1555 Open Station: Yes
Phone No. 61 9 295 2880
Fax: 61 9 295-2433 Parent Organization:
Australian Geological Survey Organization
Latitude: 32.9268S
Longitude: 117.2333E
Elevation to Sensor: 265
Depth to Sensor: 100
Geology: Seismometer is located on the Pre-Cambrian shield known as Yilgarn block which consists of granite and granite gneiss. The age of the granite is about 2500m years. The site is in the south-west corner of the block, 230 km from the southern boundary and coast, and 130 km from the western boundary which is the Darling Fault. Site is 150 km from the west coast.
Vault Conditions: Borehole
Site Description: N/A
  Addresses from which to obtain data.
Station Instrumentation
1. Global Seismograph Network - GSN:
IRIS-2 System [IU]
26 Nov 1991 to present
2. Seismic Research Observatory - SRO: [ SR ] 21 Jun 1976 to 27 Oct 1991