FDSN Station Book Help

We have changed the on-line format of the station book only slightly to improve viewing. You can still request a hard copy of the station book but it will not be as up-to-date as this on-line version. You can also download the Adobe Acrobat® version which is a post-script quality document, completely indexed and ready for printing.

NOTE! All of these pages use tables in their formating. If you are using a browser that does not accept tables you most certainly would fair better downloading the Adobe Acrobat® version of the Station Book.

Here is a brief description of how to use the navigation buttons
at the top of every station page.
HELP button The page you are reading. If you aren't sure what to do or how to navigate, check this page.
HOME button Takes you to the first page of the FDSN station book and the index of networks.
NEXT button -- inactive Takes you to the next station within the network you are browsing. If you wish to browse another network, click on the HOME button and choose another network from the index. 
BACK button -- inactive Takes you to the previous station within the network you are browsing.
LOOK button Takes you to the our search utility. This can be very useful if you only know the location of a station or perhaps the station code but not the network to which it belongs. 

Please forward any questions or comments to webmaster@iris.washington.edu.