International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks

Network Codes

The following network codes are assigned by the FDSN to facilitate unique identifiers for seismological data streams.

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Network Code Network Name Operated By Deployment DOI
MI USGS Northern Mariana Islands Network
  • USGS Alaska Anchorage, United States of America
MS Singapore Seismological Network
MK Seismological network of the Republic of North Macedonia DOI
M2 Podere Maiar DOI
MG Permanent Seismic Network of Queretaro State, Mexico
MZ National Seismic Network of Mozambique DOI
MM Myanmar National Seismic Network
MO Morocco Seismic Network Morocco
M1 MOravia NETwork
  • Institute of Physics of the Earth Masaryk University, Czechia
MV Montserrat Volcano Observatory Trinidad and Tobago
MC Montserrat CALIPSO Borehole Network
  • University of Texas-Arlington, United States of America
ME Montenegrin Seismic Network
MB Montana Regional Seismic Network
MJ Mongolian National Network DOI
MD Moldova Digital Seismic Network
  • Geological and Seismological Institute of Moldova, Moldova
MH Mobile Earthquake Recording in Marine Areas by Independent Divers
  • Princeton University, United States of America
Global DOI
MU Miami University Seismic Network
  • Miami University, Ohio, United States of America
MX Mexican National Seismic Network
MN Mediterranean Very Broadband Seismographic Network
MR Mauritius Seismic Network
MQ Martinique Seismic and Volcano Observatory Network
ML Malta Seismic Network
MY Malaysian National Seismic Network
MW Malawi National Seismic Network
  • Geological Survey Department of Malawi (GSDM), Malawi
M0 Magadan Regional Seismic Network of the Russian Federation
  • Magadan Branch of the Geophysical Survey of the Russian Academy of Sciences
MA Macedonian Seismological Network
  • Macedonia Seismological Observatory, Macedonia
MF Laboratorio de Ingeniería Sísmica
  • Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica
MP Iraqi Seismic Observatory
  • Seismological Laboratory of University of Basrah (SLUB), Iraq
M Generic American Strong Motion Network Italy
MT French Landslide Observatory / OMIV: Permanent seismological records on unstable slopes
  • Ecole et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre (EOST), France
M8 Australian Semi-Permanent Support Network DOI

Network Data API

The network data shown here is also available programmatically through a web service API.