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FDSN StationXML Schema

The purpose of the FDSN StationXML schema is to define an XML representation of the most important and commonly used structures of SEED 2.4 metadata with enhancements.

The goal is to allow mapping between SEED 2.4 dataless SEED volumes and this schema with as little transformation or loss of information as possible while at the same time simplifying station metadata representation when possible. Also, content and clarification has been added where lacking in the SEED standard.

When definitions and usage are under-defined the SEED manual should be referred to for clarification.

Another goal is to create a base schema that can be extended to represent similar data types.


FDSN StationXML Documentation


Base FDSN StationXML schema
Changes from version 1.0 to 1.1
An overview of changes between version 1.0 and 1.1
An overview of major variations between SEED 2.4 and FDSN StationXML

StationXML Versioning

The version attribute of the schema definition identifies the version of the schema. This version is not enforced when validating documents.

The required schemaVersion attribute of the root element identifies the version of the schema that the document is compatible with. Validation only requires that a value is present but not that it matches the schema used for validation.

The targetNamespace of the document identifies the major version of the schema and document, version 1.x of the schema uses a target namespace of All minor versions of a will be backwards compatible with previous minor releases. For example, all 1.x schemas are backwards compatible with and will validate documents for 1.0. Major changes to the schema that would break backwards compatibility will increment the major version number, e.g. 2.0, and the namespace, e.g.

This combination of attributes and targetNamespaces allows the schema and documents to be versioned and allows the schema to be updated with backward compatible changes (e.g. 1.2) and still validate documents created for previous major versions of the schema (e.g. 1.0).

StationXML Development

StationXML schema development is done in a Github repository owned by the FDSN institutional account. All proposals and changes to the schema should follow the procedure documented on the development site.

FDSN StationXML development site

Previous specification versions

Base FDSN StationXML schema
Extension schema to include data availability features