International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks

Thread: SeedLink streaming protocol adopted as an FDSN standard

Started: 2024-01-23 20:29:11
Last activity: 2024-01-23 20:29:11
Dear WG III,

The deadline for voting on the adoption of SeedLink v4 as a standard has
closed and the results are 19 YES votes, and no other votes or requests for
clarification. With this, the proposed specification is adopted as a new
standard for the FDSN. The specification can be found at:

Any future issues with the specification should be posted in the project

One omission was discovered in the specification after voting started
regarding the specification of CAPABILITIES in an INFO response in the
appropriate JSON schema. The reporter from the evaluation team and the
Chair determined that this was a minor issue and was addressed by the
proposal team before voting completed.

Thank you again to the proposal review team members Philip Crotwell, David
Easton, Mark Chadwick, Charles Blais, Roman Racine, and Eliseo Banda. Also
thank you to the proposal team Andres Heinloo, Angelo Strollo, and Jerry
Carter for developing the proposal and working with the proposal team to
refine the specification.

Chad Trabant,
Chair, WG III