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Thread: SV: Vote on adoption of SeedLink v4 standard, deadline 15 January 2024

Started: 2024-01-03 14:20:45
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Danish Seismological Network votes YES

Med venlig hilsen / Inussiarnersumik inuulluaqqusillunga / Yours sincerely Peter H. Voss

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Sendt: 22. december 2023 22:33
Til: FDSN Working Group III <fdsn-wg3-products<at>>
Emne: [fdsn-wg3-products] Vote on adoption of SeedLink v4 standard, deadline 15 January 2024

Dear Working Group III,

The Evaluation Team reviewing the SeedLink v4 proposal has completed their work with the following recommendation:

The evaluation team recommends approval of the Seedlink version 4 specification as
submitted and revised.

The full report, including references to review discussion, is attached.

I request that FDSN member representatives now vote on adoption of this specification as an FDSN standard by responding to this email.
Please submit your vote before 15 January 2024.

Thank you to the evaluation team members Philip Crotwell, David Easton, Mark Chadwick, Charles Blais, Roman Racine, and Eliseo Banda. I can say that the specification was greatly improved through the process of evaluation and discussion, and your efforts are very appreciated. Also, thank you to Andres Heinloo, Angelo Strollo, and Jerry Carter for developing the initial specification draft and submitting it for consideration.

The proposal specification is available at:, and will be transferred to docs.fdsn.org if adopted.

Chad Trabant
Chair, WG III