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Thread: Update to the FDSN Recommendations for DOIs

Started: 2023-07-16 20:10:33
Last activity: 2023-07-16 20:10:33
Michelle Grobbelaar
2023-07-16 20:10:33
On behalf of Javier:

Dear FDSN members,

following what has been already mentioned in the 1st Plenary and after
the presentation we had today in the WG3 Meeting, I'm attaching here the
updated version of the "FDSN Recommendations for DOIs".

This has been the result of long discussions between members of data
centres like IRIS, GFZ, RESIF, GEONET-GNS, ETH, NOA, ANU, CSIRO and more
that I'm forgetting now.

We respected the original document and only introduced updates related
to the changes and evolution of Datacite in these last 9 years (a lot of
time!). We also kept the same distribution of mandatory, recommended and
optional fields. The amount of work to mint a DOI remains the same.

You can also find attached a copy of the slides from the presentation
providing more details about some changes.

For the ones willing to comment before the Plenary, you can also do it
in the Google doc version at

I hope you will find it useful and we can approve it on Wednesday.


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