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Thread: Changes in Execom and Working Groups

Started: 2021-08-30 06:51:41
Last activity: 2021-08-30 06:51:41
Michelle Grobbelaar
2021-08-30 06:51:41
Good morning

I hope that you are well.

We had elections on Thursday for the Execom and Working Groups chairs and vice-chairs.

Please note below the new Execom :

Chair: Michelle Grobbelaar
Secretary: Vacant

WG 1 Chair: Wen Tzong Liang
Vice-Chair: Ludek Vecsey
WG 2 Chair: Javier Quinteros
Vice-Chair: Rob Casey
WG 3 Chair: Chad Trabant
Vice-Chair: Mark Chadwick
WG 4 Chair: Istvan Bondar
Vice-Chair: Öcal Necmioğlu
WG 5 Chair: Wayne Crawford
Vice Chair : Kent Anderson

The minutes of the meetings will follow shortly.

Kind regards