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Thread: Discussion and review of new features of the StationXML schema

Started: 2021-07-06 13:52:12
Last activity: 2021-07-06 13:52:12
Dear WG2 members,

As Chair of the WG2, I'm writing you to organize the discussion and
further development of the StationXML schema and documentation.

I'm requesting you to send a message if you would like to be part of the
official review team, which should prepare a roadmap with the accepted
changes to the StationXML schema and documentation. We will accept
candidates until August 1st.

Some months ago I had sent a message to foster the review of the
StationXML documentation. Since then, many issues have been opened in
the Issue Tracker of the StationXML repository. It would be great to see
you participating in the different issues expressing your opinions.

Also, new requests/ideas for the evolution of the StationXML will be
accepted for some more weeks. Please, *do contribute* with this,
following the instructions specified in the link below!

I want to thank specially Philip Crotwell, who has been helping since
the beginning with ideas, the classification of the issues, and other

Looking forward to receiving your feedback.

Javier Quinteros
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