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Thread: Bioko network

Started: 2020-06-06 12:29:33
Last activity: 2020-06-06 12:29:33
Hamzeh Mohammadigheymasi
2020-06-06 12:29:33
Dear All,

There is a temporary network in the Bioko island, gulf of Guinea.
In the FDSN website and until two months ago, this data for this network had restricted access; however, it is having available access status now.
I have submitted a request to download data from the 4J network for the time interval between the years 2017 and 2020. However, I received a "no data" reply regarding my request. Trying to use obspy.clients.fdsn.mass_downloader I receive the same "no data" answer.

I am wondering if there is a technical problem for accessing data or something else? I will be grateful if you can give me some information about the status and availability of the data.

Best Regards,