International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks

Thread: FDSN Working Group III meetings at the IUGG meetings in Montreal.

Started: 2019-03-05 21:01:29
Last activity: 2019-03-05 21:01:29

Greetings members of FDSN working group III

As you all know, the FDSN meetings will be taking place in conjunction with the IUGG in Montreal to be held from July 12-17, 2019.

The FDSN WGIII meetings are scheduled for 12 noon until 2PM on July 14, 2019. I do not know the room number at this time.

I would like to receive your input as to topics you would like to have WGIII discuss at this meeting.
Here are a some possible agenda items I can think of

Quality of Service (QoS) standards for Federated FDSN Data Centers
New FDSN web services
FDSN Availability Service (if not approved by email prior to the meeting)
suggested new services
Harmonization of QA Metrics
Are FDSN centers consistent in web service calling conventions for QA
Data Center Registration and Routing Rules
Status of Service Documentation
So please send me any suggested agenda items in addition to or including those related to those items mentioned above.

Thanks in advance, and hope to see many of you in Montreal.

Tim Ahern