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Started: 2018-11-28 13:12:03
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Moseley Adrienne
2018-11-28 13:12:03
Dear Michelle
On behalf of Geoscience Australia, I vote in favour

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Dear All

Once again, we have received a request for membership, but this time from the Spanish Seismic Network operated by Instituto Geográfico Nacional.

The ES Network has around 100 stations, most of them provided with a BB sensor, 100 sps and real-time acquisition. Their data is stored in miniseed format and all of them have a related dataless seed file. Please, find in the following link, ( a list of them and in the following link ( a map with their locations.

Currently, they are happy to share data of around 60% of this network. The remaining stations are subject to different restrictions.

Thus, they also agree to the requirement for FDSN membership:
"Membership in the FDSN is open to all groups that operate more than one broad-band station. Members agree to coordinate station siting and provide free and open access to their data (normally in SEED format)."

At our last meeting, we decided that, should we receive applications for membership, we could send out an email for voting.

Each member of the FDSN will have one vote. A majority of 2/3 voting members will be required for an affirmative vote. Five members of the FDSN will constitute a quorum.

Please could you send me your votes by no later than 12 December 2018 in order for us to make a decision.

Thank you for you cooperation.
Kind regards

FDSN Representatives
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