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Started: 2018-03-18 21:00:43
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Reinoud Sleeman
2018-03-18 21:00:43
Dear all,

I vote ‘yes’.

Best regards,

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Dear All

We have received a request for membership from The Australian National University - Research School of Earth Sciences.

They operate the Warraumunga seismic array that is part of the CTBTO network, the data is already sent to IRIS DMC through the AU network code, as well as the Australian Seismometers in Schools array, the data from which is also sent to IRIS DMC.

They also agree to the requirement for FDSN membership:
"Membership in the FDSN is open to all groups that operate more than one broad-band station.
Members agree to coordinate station siting and provide free and open access to their data (normally in SEED format)."

At our last meeting, we decided that, should we receive applications for membership, we could send out an email for voting.

Each member of the FDSN will have one vote. A majority of 2/3 voting members will be required for an affirmative vote. Five members of the FDSN will constitute a quorum.

Please could you send me your votes by no later than 31 March 2018 in order for us to make a decision.

Thank you for you cooperation.
Kind regards

FDSN Representatives
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