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Thread: Request for information - WG-V web page content

Started: 2017-08-08 23:06:23
Last activity: 2017-08-08 23:06:23
Bruce Beaudoin
2017-08-08 23:06:23
Hi WG-V, thank you to all those that participated in last week’s meeting. One topic of discussion last week was keeping our web page relevant ( This discussion was, in part, spurred by several broken links and sections thin on content. My email today is a request for appropriate links for the following sections on the WG-V website:

- Inventory - pointers to instrumentation, both land based and OBS, available for portable deployments

- Best practices - categories suggested during the 2011 WG-V meeting include installation techniques, engineering portfolios, power system designs, communications, extreme weather enhancements, etc.”

- QC tools - distinguish between tools for field use and tools for QC post-archive

- SEED, mseed, and StationXML tools

Please respond with content no later than 15 Sept. 2017. I will update the page soon there after.

Sincerely, Bruce

Dr. Bruce Beaudoin
IRIS PASSCAL Instrument Center
100 East Rd., New Mexico Tech
Socorro, NM 87801 USA
(575) 835-5071