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Thread: IASPEI symposium: The Future of Global Seismic Infrastructures

Started: 2015-01-15 20:35:45
Last activity: 2015-01-15 20:35:45
Dear Colleagues:

If you are planning on attending the 2015 IUGG meeting in Prague
this summer, please consider submitting an abstract to IASPEI
symposium S01g, "The Future of the Global Seismic Infrastructures".

As you can see from the description below, we are planning a
session that can help inform discussion and planning of
international seismological research in the coming decades.

Deadline for abstracts: Jan 31, 2015

Göran Ekström

S01g Seismological Observation and Interpretation: The Future of
the Global Seismic Infrastructures

Convener: Göran Ekström (Palisades, USA)
Co-conveners: John Clinton (Zurich, Switzerland),
Hitoshi Kawakatsu (Tokyo, Japan),
Domenico Giardini (Zurich, Switzerland)

During the last 20 years, global seismology has evolved
dramatically as a consequence of rapid technological advances
in instrumentation, communication, and computation. Data from
dense and high-quality modern networks at all scales offer
unprecedented opportunities for monitoring and detailed
investigations of seismicity and Earth structure. The continuing
rapid growth in data volume and data types presents challenges
for traditional and modern infrastructures that facilitate and
coordinate seismological data collection, preservation, and
distribution, as well as for institutions with responsibilities
for event monitoring and other systematic analysis. The symposium
aims to address issues related to international coordination
and organization, in support of efforts to maximize the value
and benefit of global seismological data and analysis capabilities
in the next decades.