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Thread: Draft Minutes of FDSN WG III - 2013 meeting

Started: 2013-08-06 16:58:10
Last activity: 2013-08-06 16:58:10
Tim Ahern
2013-08-06 16:58:10
Thanks to Kent Anderson for taking the minutes at the FDSN WG III meeting. I have edited them significantly.
I ask that you review these minutes and if you request changes please send them to the WG III List. Ideally send the current language followed by the related language containing your suggested changes.

Please have all of your responses back to the List and to me by September 13, 2013. If I don't receive substantive changes I will assume that you approve of the minutes as written. If there are changes I will recirculate the updated minutes to you one more time for approval in mid-September.

Thanks for participating in the FDSN WG III meetings

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