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GRFO - Grafenberg, Germany

  Informaiton for GRFO as of February 1997.
Station: Grafenberg, Fed. Rep. Germany
Director: Dr. Burkhard Buttkus Network Affiliation: IRIS/USGS - GSN
Erlangen Observatory
Bundesanstalt fuer Geowiessenschaften und Rohstoffe
Stilleweg 2 3000 Hanover
ederal Republic of Germany
Network Contact:
Albuquerque Seismic Laboratory
Building 10002 Kirtland AFB East
Albuquerque, NM 87115
Telephone: 49 64 68807 Open Station: No
Fax: 49 9131 26936 Parent Organization:
Bundesanstalt fuer Geowiessenschaften und Rohstoffe
Stilleweg2 Hanover, Germany
Latitude: 49.6919N
Longitude: 11.2217E
Elevation to Sensor: 325
Depth to Sensor: 100
Geology: On top of borehole. Chalk and dolomite of Jurassic age (Malm) with a covering of a thin layer of sandy loam.
Vault Conditions: Instrument is installed in a 7-inch borehole. (standard SRO installation)
Site Description: N/A
  Addresses from which to obtain data.
Station Instrumentation
1. Global Seismograph Network - GSN: [IU] 26 Jan 1994 to present
2. Seismic Research Observatory - SRO: [ SR ] 13 Aug 1978 to 25 Jan 1994