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GNI - Garni, Armenia (photo)

  Information for GNI as of February 1994
Station: Garni, Armenia
Director: Dr. Sergey Balassanian Network Affiliation: IRIS/USGS - GSN
National Survey of Seismic Protection
Davidashen IV Massiv
375054 Yerevan
Republic of Armenia
Network Contact:
Albuquerque Seismic Laboratory
Building 10002 Kirtland AFB East
Albuquerque, NM 87115
Telephone: 374 (2) 28 64 94 or 27 10 24 Open Station: No
Fax: 374 (2) 28 68 13 Parent Organization:
National Survey of Seismic Protection
Republic of Armenia
Latitude: 40.0530N
Longitude: 44.7240E
Elevation to Sensor: 1460
Depth to Sensor: 60
Geology: Alternating beds of basalt and tuff.
Vault Conditions: Vault is located 250 meters inside a mountain with approximately 60 meters of overburden. Seismometers are in a small room along side the tunnel and are mounted on piers. The piers are not isolated from the floor, but the floor is attached to bedrock. Entrance to the tunnel is through a building built into the hillside.
Site Description: N/A
  Addresses from which to obtain data.
Station Instrumentation
1. Global Seismograph Network - GSN: IRIS-2 System [IU] 12 Jul 1991 to Present