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LLLB - Lillooet, British Columbia, Canada

   Information for LLLB as of April 2000
Station: Lillooet, British Columbia, Canada
Director: Unmanned station Network Affiliation: CNSN

Geological Survey of Canada Pacific Geoscience Centre
P.O. Box 6000
9860 West Saanich Road Sidney, BC, Canada V8L 4B2

Network Contact:
Richard Baldwin

Telephone: 250-363-6454 Open Station: No
Fax: 250-363-6739 Parent Organization:
Geological Survey of Canada
Email: (Ken Beverley)
Latitude: 50.6090
Longitude: -121.8815
Elevation to Sensor: 700 m
Depth to Sensor: 0
Vault Conditions: Reinforced concrete instrument pier rock-bolted to surface exposure of bedrock; insulated fibreglass side walls and lid; no backfilling.
Site Description: LLLB is located in the Coast Mountains seismic zone (approximately 100 seismic events in 1993) which encloses the Northern Vancouver Island seismic zone (approximately 70 events in 1993). Approximately 200 km to the west is the very active Juan de Fuca-Explorer zone, characterised by a series of spreading centres and by seismicity associated with transform faults.
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Station Instrumentation
1. Canadian National Seismograph Network - [ CN ] 05 November 1998 to present