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LZH - Lanzhou, Gansu Province, China (photo1, photo2)

  INFORMATION for LZH as of February 1994
Station: Lanzhou, Gansu Province, China
Director: Gu Ping Network Affiliation: SSB/USGS - CDSN
Zhou Gongwei, Program Manager
State Seismological Bureau
Institute of Geophysics
P.O. Box 8116
Beijing 100081, P. R. China
Network Contact:
Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory
Building 10002 Kirtland AFB East
Albuquerque NM 87115
Telephone: 86 10 6841-7866 Open Station: No
Fax: 86 10 6841-7866 Parent Organization:
State Seismological Bureau
Latitude: 36.0867N
Longitude: 103.8444E
Elevation to Sensor: BB/VLP 1560, SP/LP 1440
Depth to Sensor: 0, 120
Geology: Loess for broadband/very long period; Sandstone for short period/long period.
Vault Conditions: Borehole is for long period and short period data. Streckeisen seismometers are installed on concrete piers isolated from the floor. Temperature and humidity are stable. No dehumidifier required. Piers are built on loess base with gravel.
Site Description: N/A
  Addresses from which to obtain data.
Station Instrumentation
1. China Digital Seismograph Network - CDSN: [ CD ] 18 Oct 1986 to Present.