International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks

Network Codes

The following network codes are assigned by the FDSN archive (IRIS DMC) to provide uniqueness to seismological data streams.

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network code network name network operator operator country deployment country/region DOI
S Seismographs in Schools Network Swiss Seismological Service CH: Switzerland Global
SA Saudi Arabia Broadband Seismic Network Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research, Saudi Arabia (KACST) SA: Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
SB UC Santa Barbara Engineering Seismology Network UC Santa Barbara US: United States United States
SC New Mexico Tech Seismic Network New Mexico Tech US: United States United States
SD Schlumberger Schlumberger (SLB_Development ) M7: Multiple Countries Multiple Countries
SE Southeastern Appalachian Cooperative Seismic Network None :
SF San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth Stanford University US: United States United States
SG International Geodynamics and Earth Tide Service Multiple Operators BE: Belgium Global DOI
SH Shumagin-East Aleutian Network Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO), Columbia University US: United States Alaska, United States DOI
SI Province Südtirol ZAMG - Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics AT: Austria Austria
SJ Serbian Seismological Network Seismological Survey of Serbia RS: Serbia Serbia
SK Slovak National Seismic Network Geophysical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences SK: Slovakia Slovakia DOI
SL Seismic Network of the Republic of Slovenia Slovenian Environment Agency (ARSO) SI: Slovenia Slovenia DOI
SM Icelandic Strong Motion Network University of Iceland IS: Iceland Iceland
SN Southern Great Basin Network University of Nevada (UNR Reno) US: United States United States DOI
SO Scripps Orbit and Permanent Array Center Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) US: United States United States DOI
SP South Carolina Earth Physics Project University of South Carolina US: United States United States DOI
SR Seismic Research Observatory Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory (ASL)/USGS US: United States Global DOI
ST Trentino Seismic Network Geological Survey-Provincia Autonoma di Trento IT: Italy Italy DOI
SU Sandia Seismo-Acoustic Network Sandia National Laboratories US: United States United States
SV Servicio Nacional de Estudios Territoriales (SNET), El Salvador Servicio Nacional de Estudios Territoriales (SNET El Salvador) SV: El Salvador El Salvador
SW Solomon Islands Seismology & Volcanology Network Solomon Islands Geoscience Observatory (Seismology Unit) SB: Solomon Islands Solomon Islands
SX SXNET Saxon Seismic Network University of Leipzig DE: Germany Germany DOI
SY Synthetic Seismograms IRIS DMC (Seattle) US: United States United States
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