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Thread: FDSN Web Services Version 1.1 Finalized

Started: 2013-10-30 22:50:48
Last activity: 2013-10-30 22:50:48
Tim Ahern
2013-10-30 22:50:48
Attached is version 1.1 of the FDSN Web Service Specifications. Based on feedback, this final version contains the following changes from release candidate 1:

* Add section describing WADL conventions.
* Clarify that when the format parameter is not specified the default format must be returned.
* Clarify that an HTTP 413 status shall be returned when either the request entity itself is too large or the resulting data set would be too large, the latter being an extension of the standard meaning.
* Clarify limitations of text output format: vertical bars cannot be included in fields, multiple origins & magnitudes cannot be included, phase arrivals cannot be included.
* Document intended behavior for the matchtimeseries parameter of fdsnws-station.
* Change minimum value for the limit parameter to fdsnws-event to 1, previously 0.
* Reformat Table 1 so complete table is visible.
* Re-number tables, Table 1 was previously used for two different tables.

I want to thank everyone for the contributions made in improving this version 1.1.
Special thanks to Chad Trabant of IRIS for tracking everything and making the necessary modifications to the documentation.

As additional needs arise regarding the FDSN Web service specifications, please send them to


And they will be considered for inclusion in the next FDSN Web services specification.


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