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ZV (2020-2020): Horizon City, Texas Seismic Project

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FDSN code ZV (2020-2020) Network name Horizon City, Texas Seismic Project (HCSeismic)
Start year 2020 Operated by
  • UTEP
End year 2020 Deployment region -

This project has multiple objectives. One is to image fault and basement structure, by collecting a P&S dataset using the A200 P&S Seismic Source. This will help to develop efficient operating procedures for both relative timed and absolute timed recording instrumentations. Help us understand full source capabilities in this geologic environment and project it into other environments. The data will be open to the IRIS seismic community for immediate research and teaching purposes. An objective is to allow users access to P&S data to expand research possibilities utilizing this type of data.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/ZV_2020
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