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YR (2004-2004): Northern Lake Tahoe Magma Injection Seismic Monitoring Network

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FDSN code YR (2004-2004) Network name Northern Lake Tahoe Magma Injection Seismic Monitoring Network (N. Lake Tahoe)
Start year 2004 Operated by
End year 2004 Deployment region -

The UNR Seismological Laboratory (NSL) scientists made the unprecedented observation of a likely magma intrusion in late 2003 under Lake Tahoe at approximately 30 km depth. This observation has led to many concerns on residence safety around Tahoe. The Northern Lake Tahoe Magma Injection Seismic Monitoring Network was installed for two purposes: 1) determine crustal thickness of the region and 2) to constrain the location of significant reservoirs of partial melt in the crust beneath Lake Tahoe. 12 portable stations borrowed from PASSCAL. Each station includes a seismometer (Mark Productions L-4 and L-22), a GPS receiver/clock (REFTEK 111A), a battery, a data recorder (REF TEK 72A-08), and cables. NSL provides the L-4 and batteries. The network was operated from 7/1/2004 to 10/1/2004. Seismic data were collected every week and stored in NSL SUN workstations. Due to a setup error, collected data before 7/28/2004 is invalid.

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