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X3 (2013-2014): MARINER: Seismic Investigation of the Rainbow Hydrothermal Field

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FDSN code X3 (2013-2014) Network name MARINER: Seismic Investigation of the Rainbow Hydrothermal Field (MARINER)
Start year 2013 Operated by
End year 2014 Deployment region

This project proposes to conduct a multi-scale seismic investigation of the tectono/magmatic setting of the Rainbow hydrothermal field, located within a non- transform discontinuity of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (36°14’N). The main goals are (1) to determine the nature, geometry, and location of the heat source driving high- temperature circulation at Rainbow; (2) to determine the structure and origin of the ultramafic massif that hosts the hydrothermal field; and (3) to image large (detachment) and small-scale faults and investigate how they link to the heat source and control hydrothermal fluid focusing and discharge.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/X3_2013
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