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S5: Slovenian Karst NFO Network

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FDSN code S5 Network name Slovenian Karst NFO Network (SLO KARST NFO)
Start year 2020 Operated by
End year - Deployment region Slovenia

Slovenian Karst NFO Seismic Network (SLO KARST NFO) was established with the purpose to become part of EPOS Thematic Core Service (TCS) Near-Fault Observatories (NFO). The network is maintained jointly by ZRC SAZU Karst Research Institute and Slovenian Environment Agency (ARSO). The network covers an area of about 2,600 km2 in SW Slovenia, Europe.
Six sites of the network are equipped with Etna2 accelerometers. MPJP site was in operation until 2 June 2022 when Etna2 instrument was moved to PLCP location. One site (ILBA) was equipped with Nanometrics Titan accelerometer with Centaur datalogger and was in opperation until 1 December 2022. Instruments are installed in public buildings and private homes, always on ground floor or in the basement. Together with the adjacent seismic stations of the Slovenian permanent seismic network they constitute a virtual seismic network for studies of the area in consideration.
Seismic data is collected in real-time by both operating institutions and shared with EIDA Node NIEP.


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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/7w0j-ge89
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