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RA: Réseau Accélérométrique Permanent (French Accelerometrique Network)

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FDSN code RA Network name Réseau Accélérométrique Permanent (French Accelerometrique Network) (RAP)
Start year 1995 Operated by
End year - Deployment region

Launched in 1995, a scientific consortium was created in 2000 to form a network of all the scientific and operational entities involved in understanding and monitoring seismic hazard and vulnerability in France. The French Accelerometric Network consortium (RAP) includes 10 French partners under the supervision of three administrative agencies. The main role of the GIS-RAP and its scientific board is to decide upon and plan an instrumentation policy consistent with the scientific aims at the start of the project and for future scientific purposes. The main objective of the French Accelerometric Network (RAP) is to record, process, analyze, provide, and disseminate information on accelerometric waveforms so as to provide high-quality data and information quickly whenever needed by the scientific community, local and national authorities, or the general public. Since 1995, around 160 stations have been set up in seismic areas of France, located in the most active regions in France (Alps, Pyrenees and Central mountains, Western regions, French West Islands). The stations are operated by academic and public agencies, all stations are equipped with a 24-bytes acquisition system and force-balance accelerometer, designed for resolution between weak to strong motion produced by typical French earthquakes. The network has evolved towards real-time and continuous near-real time distribution and archiving. This effort also includes specific research objectives (e.g., site effects, building monitoring, deep boreholes, etc.). All data are archived and freely distributed by the RAP’s National Data Centre (RAP-NDC) embedded into the RESIF-DC infrastructure, for seismology, engineering seismology, and earthquake engineering purposes. RAP is the accelerometric component of the French Sismological and Geodetic Network (RESIF).


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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.15778/RESIF.RA
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