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3W (2022-2023): Peace River Induced Seismicity Monitoring

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FDSN code 3W (2022-2023) Network name Peace River Induced Seismicity Monitoring (PRISM)
Start year 2022 Operated by
  • University of Alberta, Canada
End year 2023 Deployment region -

Initiating from late November 2022, unprecedented level of seismicity shook the Peace River region, Northwest Alberta, Canada. To booster the seismic data coverage for timely assessment of the regional earthquake swarm, the University of Alberta and the Alberta Geological Survey established a quick-response nodal geophone array at around 40 km southeast of the town of Peace River in early December 2022. Ten FairfieldNodal Zland 3C 5Hz seismometers were installed around the epicenters in an elliptical pattern (radius of 20 km). The array deployments are composed of three stages, with each stage lasting for around 35 days. Stage One (2022/12/06 - 2023/01/09): Number of operating nodal stations: 10. Stage Two (2023/01/26 - 2023/03/02): Number of operating nodal stations: 6. Stage Three (2023/03/09 - 2023/04/13): Number of operating nodal stations: 6. All the continuous waveform data are pre-processed in daily MiniSEED files, with the instrumental responses stored as StationXML files.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/s3s2-ch17
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