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1A (2018-2018): Seismic reflection imaging of the low-angle Panamint normal fault system, eastern California, 2018

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FDSN code 1A (2018-2018) Network name Seismic reflection imaging of the low-angle Panamint normal fault system, eastern California, 2018 (Panamint Imaging)
Start year 2018 Operated by
  • USGS National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC), United States of America
End year 2018 Deployment region -

We used a minivib I trailer mounted vibrator source to aquire two high resolution P wave seismic reflection profiles. The northern profile crosses the Wildrose Graben (2-km). The southern profile extends to the Panamint Valley Playa 7.5 km south of Ballarat. Land restrictions resulted in survey geometry that is oblique to the orientation of the Wildhorse Graben axis (northern profile). The minivib swept from 20 to 80 Hz over 12 seconds for a 2 second record length. We used a single 8 Hz verticle component geophone per reciever station, and a 5 m source and reciever spacing for both profiles. We recorded 240 and 216 channels per field record on Profile 1 and Profile 2, respectively. Profile 1 was acquired with an asymmetric split spread, while Profile 2 was acquired by a walk-through approach. Profile 1 was ~4.68 km in total length. Profile 2 was approximately 1.08 km long; however, due to challenging terrain and restricted access across the playa, the minivib source was limited to 85 stations spanning ~0.43 km of the total receiver array. Although both profiles were in relatively remote areas with minimal cultural noise, the field records were impacted by noise due to air traffic and wind. While noise is evident on these representative field records, particularly at greater source-receiver offsets, there are also clear reflections observed for both seismic profiles.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.5066/P9YY18PF
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