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YW (2016-2016): IRIS Community Wavefield Experiment in Oklahoma

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FDSN code YW (2016-2016) Operated by IRIS HQ (DC)
Network name IRIS Community Wavefield Experiment in Oklahoma Deployment region United States
Start date June 15, 2016 End date Oct. 15, 2016
Short description

This experiment made use of cutting-edge three-component nodal-type sensors in conjunction with more conventional broadband sensors and infrasound transducers. The concept for this experiment resulted from an IRIS call for ideas on how to incorporate these nodes into a full wavefield observing system. Concept contributors included: Heather DeShon, Brian Stump, Chris Hayward, M. Beatrice Magnani (Southern Methodist University); Michael Brudzinski (University of Miami-Ohio); Susan Bilek (New Mexico Tech); and Chuck Langston (University of Memphis). In addition, community members contributed their own nodes to this effort (Marianne Karplus - University of Texas, El Paso and FanChi Lin - University of Utah). The deployment was conducted in mid June, 2016 and included over 50 staff, students and faculty from across the IRIS community with one of our goal being to expand the experience in deploying nodes. The study area was chose to be in north central Oklahoma to allow for recording of expected local seismicity along with array designs to allow for enhance detection of regional and teleseismic signals. The experiment was done in collaboration with a separate experiment in the same area, led by Katie Keranen (Cornell University).

Citation Information

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
Kent Anderson, Justin Sweet, Bob Woodward (2016): IRIS Community Wavefield Experiment in Oklahoma. Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology. Other/Seismic Network. 10.7914/SN/YW_2016

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