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YR (2018-2018): Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory 3D Seismic Experiment

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FDSN code YR (2018-2018) Operated by
  • Penn State University
Network name Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory 3D Seismic Experiment (Shale Hills CZO 3D) Deployment region United States of America
Start year 2018 End year 2018
Short description

In the project we would like to use all 2100 Texans with vertical geophones to do a dense deployment across about 1/4 of the Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory, which is located a few miles from Penn State University. Stations will be spaced 2 to 5 m apart. Hammer and shotgun sources will be used and spaced a few meters apart over the entire survey area. Shot timing will be provided by Verif-I gps synchronizers (Galen tells me that he has several). Shooting will be done in one day, with data being recorded continuously. The data will be used for a 3D P-wave tomography of the shallow subsurface. After collecting the active source data, the Texans will be redeployed to record ambient noise for a couple of days. Some of the Texans will also be used with 3-component (L-28s) sensors to collect a few dense 2D profiles for S-wave tomography after the 3D survey has been completed.

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