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YL (2015-2015): Parnaiba Basin WARR profile

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FDSN code YL (2015-2015) Operated by
  • University of Aberdeen (UK)
Network name Parnaiba Basin WARR profile (PABIP) Deployment region Northeast Brazil
Start year 2015 End year 2015
Short description

The PABIP WARR profile, part of a multidisciplinary industry-academia programme including new field and subsurface geological studies as well as passive seismology and potential field data acquisition, will be about 1200 km in length, roughly coincident with deep seismic reflection profiling already acquired in 2012 that crosses the whole of the Parnaiba sedimentary basin in northeastern Brazil. The overall goals of the multidisciplinary PABIP project have to do with elucidating the origins and controls on the evolution of intracratonic/intracontinental sedimentary basins.

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