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YJ (2008-2008): Evaluation of ACROSS-type Source for San Andreas Fault

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FDSN code YJ (2008-2008) Network name Evaluation of ACROSS-type Source for San Andreas Fault (USACROSS)
Start year 2008 Operated by
End year 2008 Deployment region United States of America
Short description

We would like to evaluate the feasibility of using an ACROSS-type source (eccentric-mas source like hte one used in Japan) on the San Andreas Fault. To do this we seek to determine whether such a source perimits the observation of structure obtained by explosive sources...To perform this trest, we seek to duplicate the geometry of a previous experiment using an explosive source (Yong-Gong Li, PI) at Parkfield, California where shots placed on the fault were recorded at an array of a distance of about 7 km to the southeast... 45 seimographs were deployed: L22 seismometers and RT130 dataloggers.

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