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YG (2008-2008): Imaging the Upper Crust at Newberry Volcano Using Large Offset Reflections

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FDSN code YG (2008-2008) Network name Imaging the Upper Crust at Newberry Volcano Using Large Offset Reflections
Start year 2008 Operated by
  • University of Oregon
End year 2008 Deployment region United States of America
Short description

This experiment deployed a temporary seismic array across Newberry Volcano to record reflections off of the geophysically-identified magma body underlying the volcano. Newberry is a large, recently active volcano that is most likely underlain by a shallow magma chamber; characterizing the size, depth, and percentage of melt in a magma rich volume is critical for assessing the hazard posed by a volcano. But imaging magama systems with seismic techniques is difficult because they are anisotropic, highly attenuating and sesimic waves tend to refract around them. Theorectical waveform modeling and seismological surveys, however, show that low-incidence angle reflections from explosive sources produce eneregetic P-andS-wave signals from contacts with large impedance contrasts, such as the top of a magma rich body. This experiment takes advantage of previously planned explosions near Newberry Volcano in central oregon to investigate this promising techique.

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