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Y8 (2016-2017): Monitoring Entiat Earthquakes in Chelan County, Washington

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FDSN Network Information

FDSN code Y8 (2016-2017) Operated by Washington State Department of Natural Resources
Network name Monitoring Entiat Earthquakes in Chelan County, Washington (Entiat Earthquake Cluster) Deployment region United States
Start date Aug. 5, 2016 End date Sept. 30, 2017
Short description

Entiat, Chelan County is one of the most seismically active regions in Washington. There are no 3-comp stations to record current shallow earthquake activity in the area. Relocation studies have not been successful for this area due to lack of poor station coverage. USGS is suggesting to install more stations to better record the earthquakes in the area (Tom Brocher, written communications). WA DNR- Geology and Earth Resources will install (5-10) rapid deployment stations to record the earthquakes in this area in next 6 months (maybe with extension of another 6 months). This effort will help understand the earthquake activity caused by an active fault that have not well characterized. This active fault have a potential to generate sizable damaging earthquakes in the area.

Citation Information

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
RECEP CAKIR, Tom Brocher (2016): Monitoring Entiat Earthquakes in Chelan County, Washington. International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks. Other/Seismic Network. 10.7914/SN/Y8_2016

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