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XI (2018-2021): Instrumentation for Multidisciplinary Monitoring of an Alaskan Peatland

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FDSN code XI (2018-2021) Network name Instrumentation for Multidisciplinary Monitoring of an Alaskan Peatland (IMMAP)
Start year 2018 Operated by
End year 2021 Deployment region United States of America
Short description

I intend to deploy ten 3-component broadband seismometers in April 2018 for one year through April 2019 at a permafrost site near Fairbanks, Alaska. I will do two transects between a forested permafrost plateau down a gentle slope to a collapse-scar bog. I will apply seismic interferometry using ambient seismic noise to continuously monitor freeze-thaw and saturation changes along the transect during the study period. Stations will be co-located with other geophysics, temperature, soil moisture, and carbon flux measurements to allow for a more complete understanding of how physical processes control carbon exchange across the thaw gradient. This study will take place at the site of the Alaskan Peatland Experiment (APEX) which has established infrastructure to provide power and telemetry for each station. To minimize disruption to the sensitive ground cover, seismometers that are able to be directly buried are requested, such as the Nanometrics posthole seismometers.

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