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WU: The Southern Ontario Seismic Network

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FDSN Network Information

FDSN code WU Network name The Southern Ontario Seismic Network (SOSN)
Start year 1991 Operated by
End year - Deployment region

SOSN array is constituted by 21 real time passive seismic stations.
There are 4 sensors types in OPG/SOSN array:
CMG3ESP (vault, Guralp)
KS2000 (vault, Geotech)
KS2000BH (borehole, Geotech)
Titan Accelerometers (Nanometrics)

Data acquisition, real-time network operation and monitoring, client-owned equipment.
Real-time passive seismic data acquisition and network operation services which include:
- cloud-based data center acquisition, processing and data archiving IT infrastructure
- continuous seismic data acquisition and archiving
- continuous state-of-health (SOH) monitoring of remote and data center infrastructure
- deployment and training of machine learning event detection and refinement models

Data processing, automatic AI-enhanced, manual next-day analyst review, real-time.
Automatic AI-enhanced real-time and manual passive seismic data post processing services which include:
- waveform triggering and event detection using impulsive and machine learning-based detectors (following training with a historical catalog)
- Local (ML) magnitude computations
- location error ellipsoid estimates
- ground motion (PGA, PGV, RSA) parameter computations
- custom email and/or text notifications
- trained analyst next-day review of up to 500 detected events (includes Saturdays and Sundays)
- trained analyst review of events beyond the initial 500 detected events on a best effort basis (event review order criteria to be agreed with clients on a per project basis)
- seismic data product delivery via custom Athena web portal


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FDSN Web Services provide a common data access API for seismic data.

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