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CQ: Cyprus Broadband Seismological Network

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FDSN code CQ Network name Cyprus Broadband Seismological Network (CQ)
Start year 2013 Operated by
End year - Deployment region

The Cyprus Broadband Seismological Network (CQ) consists of 13 permanent seismological stations (11 inland stations and two offshore ocean-bottom stations), 14 strong-motion stations in various permanent and temporary deployments and two (2) seismological centers supporting the operation of these networks.

Inland seismological stations are broadband seismometers installed in 1 m deep vaults (nine with Trillium-120PA, one with Trillium-120QA and one with Trillium Horizon). The communication between the remote stations and the seismological centers is bidirectional using either VSAT or GPRS/ADSL. Each offshore station consists of a CMG-3T (seismometer) and CMG-5T (strong-motion sensor) installed with probe penetration of about 0.2 m into the seafloor.

The strong motion network consists of 14 strong motions sensors (ETNA-2) installed on the ground floor of a building, either on bedrock or on weathered surface rock or sediment.


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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/CQ
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