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9H (2016-2017): Sarez Pamir aftershock seismic network

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FDSN Network Information

FDSN code 9H (2016-2017) Operated by GEOFON Program (GFZ-Potsdam, Germany)
Network name Sarez Pamir aftershock seismic network Deployment region Germany
Start date Feb. 8, 2016 End date July 12, 2017
Short description

The Sarez Pamir aftershock seismic network was installed two months after the 7 December 2015, Mw7.2 Sarez Pamir earthquake in the eastern Pamir highland of Tajikistan. In the first recording period until September 2016, the stations were distributed along the Sarez-Karakul fault system. In September 2016 part of the stations were moved into the southern Pamir. In total the network consisted of eight stations on 13 sites, equipped with broad band, 3-component seismometers of type Trillium Compact. The data were recorded using Earth Data recorders (EDR), recording was continuous at a sample rate of 100Hz.

The principal aim of the network was to record the aftershock sequence of the Sarez earthquake and to augment the coeval East Pamir China seismic network and the earlier TIPAGE and TIPTIMON seismic networks.

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