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8H (2007-2007): SISMANTILLES-2

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FDSN Network Information

FDSN code 8H (2007-2007) Operated by Geoazur (Geoazur)
Network name SISMANTILLES-2 Deployment region France
Start year 2007 End year 2007
Short description

Passive and active seismic sources experiment with up to 100 OBSs from four different European pools and with 3 oceanographic vessels (R/V Maria S. Merian, R/V Atalante, R/V Antea) in order to investigate the deep seismic structure and activity of the Lesser Antilles subduction zone (forearc domain). The used sensors had various characteristics (1-and 3-components 4.5 Hz, wide-band Guralp CMG40T, and 3 brodband 240 s Nanometrics Trillium).

Citation Information

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
LAIGLE Mireille, LEBRUN Jean Frédéric, & HIRN Alfred. (2007). SISMANTILLES 2 cruise,L'Atalante R/V. Sismer.

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