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7G (2000-2001): West Australian Cratons

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FDSN code 7G (2000-2001) Network name West Australian Cratons (WACRATON)
Start year 2000 Operated by
End year 2001 Deployment region

The 2000-2001 deployment of broad-band instruments is designed to try to understand the crustal variations associated with the cratons of Western Australia and to provide improved coverage of the western part of the continent using surface wave paths to compensate for equipment problems encountered in the later stages of the SKIPPY project. Instruments included Guralp 40T and 3ESP sensors, a STS2 sensor, and Orion and Reftek digitisers. Data was sampled at 25 samples/sec


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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/7G_2000
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