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4K (2017-2022): Ruegen Cliff Observatory

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FDSN code 4K (2017-2022) Network name Ruegen Cliff Observatory
Start year 2017 Operated by
End year 2022 Deployment region

The network monitors cliff failure activity on a 8 km long stretch of up to 118 m high chalk cliffs on Germany's largest island RĂ¼gen. The data are used to detect and locate failure events. The network consists of four distributed stations, spaced about 1.2 km. In March 2017, four Trillium Compact sensors were deployed, which were changed to PE6B 4.5 Hz 3-component geophones in November 2018. Data loggers were always Digos DataCubes. Data was not recorded during (the dry) summer months.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.14470/9X7562122052
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