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3E (2016-2016): Yasur Volcano Temporary Deployment, Summer 2016

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FDSN code 3E (2016-2016) Operated by
  • University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF, AK USA)
Network name Yasur Volcano Temporary Deployment, Summer 2016 Deployment region United States of America
Start year 2016 End year 2016
Short description

The aim of this deployment was to create a dense seismo-acoustic network supplemented by geochemical and visual observation methods to examine Yasur volcano explosions in detail. Some main goals were to examine the directional radiation pattern of volcanic explosions using a novel approach of additional acoustic sensors on an aerostat, conduct high-resolution acoustic source location, and to examine the ballistic hazard associated with explosions. The geophysical deployment consisted of 12 ground-based infrasound sensors (Chaparral model 60), 3 infrasound sensors on an aerostat (BSU-type), and 8 broadband seismometers (Trillium compact posthole). All sensors were digitized using DATA-CUBE by Omnirecs.

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David Fee, Robin Matoza, Arthur Jolly (2016): Yasur Volcano Temporary Deployment, Summer 2016. International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks. Dataset/Seismic Network. 10.7914/SN/3E_2016

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