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3E (2016-2016): Yasur Volcano Temporary Deployment, Summer 2016

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FDSN code 3E (2016-2016) Operated by University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF, AK USA)
Network name Yasur Volcano Temporary Deployment, Summer 2016 Deployment region United States of America
Start date 2016-07-26 End date 2016-08-03
Short description

The aim of this deployment was to create a dense seismo-acoustic network supplemented by geochemical and visual observation methods to examine Yasur volcano explosions in detail. Some main goals were to examine the directional radiation pattern of volcanic explosions using a novel approach of additional acoustic sensors on an aerostat, conduct high-resolution acoustic source location, and to examine the ballistic hazard associated with explosions. The geophysical deployment consisted of 12 ground-based infrasound sensors (Chaparral model 60), 3 infrasound sensors on an aerostat (BSU-type), and 8 broadband seismometers (Trillium compact posthole). All sensors were digitized using DATA-CUBE by Omnirecs.

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David Fee, Robin Matoza, Arthur Jolly (2016): Yasur Volcano Temporary Deployment, Summer 2016. International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks. Dataset/Seismic Network. 10.7914/SN/3E_2016

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